Selling your property

Our main fundamental pillar when we provide our services to property owners that want to disinvest their property abroad are: 

  • Discretion when required by our  customers. We understand that your property is part of your private live but also where you may hold valuables, for that reason it is understandable that you only want us to show it to potential buyers on a selected way.
  • On that basis, we only show your property to qualified customers that first evidences their proof of funds or alternately if they are eligible for the adequate level of  finance to complete the transaction.
  • Overtime we have developed  contacts with a significant number of High Net Worth Individuals and  Family Offices looking to invest at the right property assets with  locations with high demand.

Your timing to sell the property is also an important factor to understand the pricing strategy and we shall assist you with this assessment based on our local market knowledge and experience.

In the event you want to raise a bridge finance facility while your property is sold through us, we can arrange a bridge loan for up to 5 years. 

If you require a fire sale to be completed in a short period of time, we work with qualified investors that would acquire your property for a discount (haircut).

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